from by Andy Koufax

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I was playing Biggy's "Unbelievable." In my vehicle. I realized there will never be another rapper who compares, and if there is it'll be a miracle. So raise your glass for Notorious B.I.G. (Greatest of All Time), and then turn all your attention to me.


Ragin's gotta stop
Before we take it to a place that makes us hot
Red and anxious revelations interlock intertwine and interrupt
Outta time and outta luck
Out my mind and singin' stuff like
La la la
On the top, bucket and a mop
Illustrated albatrosses flock
From the sky they mock
No one give a shit 'cause they don't really exist
But they're real as fuck to me and that's why I must insist
Look I'm tellin you
You're gonna like em' boo
They're an exciting few turn ya life to lightning who
Will ask questions no one else will out of fright
Here's one for example may arise tonight

Why do these bitches look like Blanka
And expect me to subject myself to electrocution
When I already got Chun-Li in my bedroom
Texting a slew of dirty picture with emojis
Implying she wants to shred on my peen
I'm on my Ryu and my Guile so the question suits my style
But the quality to rile
Winds up overshadowing what charm I put on for a while
So the end result is pugilism might be on the ground with no teeth

(Uh, uh, uh, yeah)

Safe at home does not apply to me now
Late at night birds are back in my house
Leave a scream at the door before knockin'
Leave a limb on the porch, just for show


from Chin Music, released October 23, 2013
Written, Recorded, and Performed by Andy Koufax
Additional Vocals Recorded by Tom Malinowski at Cellar Door
Mixed and Mastered by Willie Green



all rights reserved


Andy Koufax New York

Hold your horses. Andy's arrived. And he's gonna let you finish (maybe). But not before imparting you with knowledge that will finally allow you to tell off your boss, kiss the bartender you have a crush on even though they've seen you piss yourself, and sky rocket the amount of jumping jacks you can do in a row! All of this worldly wisdom and transformative speech is on his new EP Chin Music. ... more

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