Freaky Wurld

by Andy Koufax

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A present to YOU on MY birthday in support of Gucci Mane, and not in support of secret police.


It's a very freaky world
You must protect your mama
First they take your name
Then you get a number
Then they scan your brain in the front seat of the Hummer (x2)

Let me set the record straight
This ain't no conspiracy
They're puttin chips in puppies when they get neutered or when they're spayed
Put chips in the passports so they could track you out of the States
I'm just sayin it's not farfetched for one in your spinal plate
They'll tell you it's for science sake
If you get one you will never ever get a sinus ache
Because they'll just eradicate a cold with anti-virus rays
And then you'll get kidnapped...

Chorus x2

Andy man ain't scared baby I'm that guy
All eye balls pop when they scan your mind
Mind, I was about to lose my mind
From reading in between the lines
When I plunged down that rabbit hole
Made me wanna shoot myself like Plaxico
and go the jets, and depart U.S. and restart reset, cuz I'm targeted
Whoa no never that I'ma giant
If Bloomberg wants me quiet
Tell him I'ma need a 64 oz. diet
Whiz on the electric fence and ignite it

Chorus x2


released December 5, 2013
All vocals and additional instrumentation written, recorded, and performed by Andy Koufax, except adlibs performed by the incomparable Big Guwop. Beat by Cyber Sapp. Mixed by Andy Koufax.



all rights reserved


Andy Koufax New York

Hold your horses. Andy's arrived. And he's gonna let you finish (maybe). But not before imparting you with knowledge that will finally allow you to tell off your boss, kiss the bartender you have a crush on even though they've seen you piss yourself, and sky rocket the amount of jumping jacks you can do in a row! All of this worldly wisdom and transformative speech is on his new EP Chin Music. ... more

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